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Enhancements: Blade Warriors General Enhancements

I've been doing a ton of work on Blade Warriors. The following enhancements will go into effect tonight. (Hopefully)

  • Spawning: Each area now has a min and max level creature that it will spawn for random battles.
  • Gold: Instead of randomly giving gold, you now have to fight creatures. Defeating a creature will reward you with a set amount of gold.
  • Battle: Battle Function has changed, there is now a wait period (usually 5 seconds) before you can attack. Your enemy has a wait period as well. Watch for these stats to change in the near future.
  • New Battle Screen: Redesigned the battle screen to take advantage of some of the AJAX components that I put into place.
  • New Quest: Spell Mountain: New quest added, find the secret gate that will take you to Spell Mountain. Learn a few new Lighting spells. Get some loot though it's not cheap.
  • Chat Area: After much debate I added a chat area. Click Events and Messages. This has come back and bit me in the butt before. I hope it works out this time. (Bad Language and Pure Dumbness)