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Blade Warriors: Fighting Calculations

I tried to keep the fighting sequence fairly simple.

Attacker Defender
Level 1: Player Level 1: Sludge
ATT: 1 ATT: 3
DEF: 5 DEF: 5
DAM: 5 DAM: 5
  • If the attacker wants to cast any spells, they are cast first. Spells can affect either attacker or defender or both.
  • In order to hit the defender, the attacker must roll higher then "Defenders Defense" - "Attackers Attack" ( 5 - 1 = 4 or higher is needed)
  • Roll two random numbers between 1 and 6 (range between 2 and 12)
  • If Roll = 2 then automatically miss. (Snakes)
  • If Roll = 12 then automatically hit. (House Rule)
  • Damage is applied to Defender. All Defenders have a weakness that is added to damage, this makes some enemies easier to kill. (This is a hidden statistic)
  • If Defender is killed, Attacker gets points and gold.

It's a pretty simple fight method.