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New Rules for Blade Warriors

I decided to change up the game before I release the new site. This post will just list the concepts, I will flush it out more as I work on each part.

My goal is to get a site where the players become involved in creating some part of the game. To this end, I'm implementing the following:

Each player starts with 300 credits.

$1 = 1000 credits

Each map will have a Rune Stone which will allow characters to teleport to other maps.

Each character will have a book of spells. This book is unlimited in the number of spells that can be held there.

Each character can prepare up to 5 spells for battle.

A new player will begin with 2 spells.
  • Blood Rage - This will give a new player +10 attack, +10 damage.
  • Heal I - Heals 50 hitpoints
A player can get new spells in the following ways.

Travel to another player's map and touch the Rune Stone on that map.
Touching a rune stone will give a character one random selected spell from the popular spell set.
Once on another player's map, a player can buy one of there available spells.

Each map has a counter for the number of players killed on it. As this number goes up, the random card gets better.
How does a player put a spell up for sale?
  • Spells that are for sale have to be rare spells.
  • A rare spell is one that has it's own uploaded image.
  • The spell has to certified as unique by a Game Admin
  • Note that a rare spell can be bought by 10 different players at the most.
  • A rare spell is configurable by the seller.
What can a seller configure a spell?
  • A spell can be up-to 2 of 4 types
    • Earth - Add +1 to defense
    • Wind - Add + 1 to attack
    • Fire - Add + 1 to damage
    • Water - Add + 1 to defense
  • Spell can target:
    • Castor
    • Enemy
    • Both
  • Attack Modifier
    • 1 point = 5 second reload
  • Defense Modifier
    • 1 point = 10 second reload
  • Damage Modifier
    • 1 point = 20 second reload
    • Max of 20 points
  • Image
  • Costs ( Average rare spell cost cost about 100 credits.)

Another way a player can make loot, is to create sprites for islands.

Every time another player uses their sprites. The character's will have to pay for them.

Things to build to make this all happen:
  • Maps have a number of random average spells attached to them.
  • Maps have a level assigned to them.
  • Players can alter the following things on their own map:
    • Random Encounter Frequency - Max 80%
    • Layers and Objects
    • Add Enemy Encounters at specific points
    • Players can move their Rune Gate
    • Players can specify the entry point
    • Players can specify that their map is private
  • When a Player enters the Rune Gate show all maps they can move to
  • Allow a Player to select the prepped spells.
  • View to display a spell
  • Form to edit or create a spell.
  • Buy box, for spells that are available to buy